vitamin K - essential to human health
Various forms of vitamin K could help prevent or treat cancer, including liver cancer, prostate tumors, and leukemia. Learn which types of cancer vitamin K may help.

Vitamin K's Anticancer Effects

How might vitamin K work against cancer?

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Promising Bladder Cancer Fighting Effects of Vitamin K

Vitamin K3 with vitamin C block bladder tumors, and may improve chemotherapy outcomes.

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Treating Leukemia with Vitamin K

Learn about the different types of leukemia and how vitamin K2 may help prevent and treat this cancer.

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Vitamin K2: Help for Liver Cancer

Diabetes is on the rise and doubles the risk of liver cancer. How can vitamin K2 help?

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Does Vitamin K Help or Hurt Pancreatic Cancer Patients?

Warfarin blocks vitamin K and may help increase survival time in patients with pancreatic cancer. Does this mean vitamin K promotes pancreatic cancer?

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Help Prevent or Slow Prostate Cancer with Vitamin K

Find out what studies say about vitamin K, vitamin K2, and vitamin K3 and prostate cancer.

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