vitamin K - essential to human health

Overview of Vitamin K's Beneficial Effects on Aging

Vitamin K can help promote healthy aging.

It's well known that vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and influences bone health. But newer research indicates that vitamin K also impacts other areas of the body — including those particularly vulnerable to aging, such as the brain and skin.(42224)

Brain Protection

Decreases in brain function (both cognitive and motor) as people age are linked to oxidative stress and inflammation. Research indicates that reducing the brain's susceptibility to these harmful factors can help prevent or reverse degenerative brain conditions. Vitamin K appears to play multiple protective roles in reducing these risks.(24)

Skin Protection

Wrinkles are a common sign of aging skin. Population studies suggest that diets high in vitamin K could help prevent wrinkles.(102103)

Vitamin K is also important in maintaining skin elasticity, which decreases with aging. How? Vitamin K helps prevent calcification of soft tissue.(104)

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