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Can Vitamin K Eliminate Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Topical vitamin K may help lighten dark circles under eyes.

Two clinical trials suggest that vitamin K may help get rid of dark circles under eyes:

  • In one of the clinical studies, 57 healthy Japanese participants applied a gel containing vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, and retinol twice a day for eight weeks. About half the participants did experience some improvement in discoloration. Improvement was noted mostly in cases of hemostasis (damage to small capillaries under the skin). However, the researchers could not conclude that hyperpigmentation (characteristic of under-eye dark circles) had been reversed by the vitamin K or the other ingredients.(108)
  • In the 2nd clinical trial, 11 women used eye pads containing 1% vitamin K and 3% caffeine for 4 weeks. Study participants noted improved appearance of wrinkles and lightening of dark circles.(109)
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