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Promising Bladder Cancer Fighting Effects of Vitamin K

Vitamin K3 and vitamin C reduces bladder tumor size and may improve chemotherapy effectiveness in bladder cancer.

Preliminary studies suggest that vitamin K may help slow the growth of bladder cancer. In vivo animal studies demonstrate that vitamin K3, in combination with vitamin C and conventional chemotherapy can significantly inhibit bladder cancer tumors.(69)

Using 10 mice for each of three test groups and one control group, researchers measured the effects of the various treatment combinations on induced tumors in the mice. At the end of the four week study, tumor volumes, cell number, rates of growth were measured.(69)

The vitamin K3, vitamin C, and chemotherapy group showed the greatest improvement by far. The tumors in the mice treated with the triple combination were less than half the size of those of the control group.(69)

The other two treatment groups (chemotherapy by itself and the vitamin combination by itself) experienced less growth and a slower growth rate when compared to control as well. However, these treatments were significantly less effective than the combination treatment group.(69)

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