vitamin K - essential to human health

Vitamin K and Your Skin

Vitamin K is used as an ingredient in cosmetic products and skin creams.

Vitamin K has long been known for its biological importance in terms of coagulation and wound healing properties. Often mentioned in terms of cosmetic creams, dermatology research may yet substantiate using vitamin K for cosmetic purposes.(1107)

Currently, however, there is very little independent research to back most of the commercial claims around vitamin K. This does not necessarily mean that these companies are being dishonest. When vitamin K is a cosmetic ingredient as opposed to a pharmaceutical or drug, proof isn't required to back a claim leading to open ended suggestions about the uses of vitamin K.(110)

Clinical Evidence

So what evidence is there that supports vitamin K's skin care benefits? Although most reports are only anecdotal or theoretical, there have been a few small studies in the following areas:(108109111)

In a couple of the clinical studies for treating dark circles under the eyes, researchers found some benefit in reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well.(108109)

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