vitamin K - essential to human health

Vitamin K Help for Farm Animals

Vitamin K is an antidote for abnormal bleeding in animals.

Clinical studies suggest that vitamin K1 supplements can be effective treatment for sweet clover poisoning in calves. Moldy sweet clover hay can form high concentrations of a natural anticoagulant called dicumarol. Farm animals that consume the hay are at risk of developing hemorrhagic disease.(125126)

Vitamin K injections may also help dairy cows suffering from:(127)

Vitamin K3

Vitamin K3 was also tested in calves as a treatment and in steers as a preventive feed additive. However, it was found to be ineffective at both treatment and prevention of sweet clover disease.(125128)

Adding vitamin K3 to feed may help maintain healthy bones in chickens. In a field study, between 2-12 mg per kilogram of feed increased bone volume.(129)

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