vitamin K - essential to human health

Does Vitamin K Have Anti-Aging Skin Benefits?

Clinical trials using vitamin K for dark circles suggest they may also help improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Some experts suggest that the high levels of vitamin K in seaweed counteract skin aging. Why? Japanese women have a higher intake of vitamin K through consumption of seaweed. Research has shown that Caucasian women seem to develop a lot more wrinkles than Japanese women.(102103)

Vitamin K deficiency has many effects on skin health, and can contribute to the appearance of aging skin. Some examples include:(104)

  • Abnormal calcification can lead to calcium deposits that harden around the elastin fibers in skin. This may contribute to the loss of elasticity in aging skin.
  • Reduced production of glucosamine, which can negatively impact skin.
  • Reduced synthesis of glycosaminoglycan, which supports the skin's dermis layer (along with collagen).
  • Loss of collagen.

Topical Applications of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is able to penetrate the skin, making it suitable for a topical cream or ointment.(107)

Although vitamin K has not been tested specifically for its anti-wrinkle benefits, some clinical studies suggest it may be able to reduce wrinkles:

In one clinical trial to test the effectiveness of vitamin K1 in reducing dark circles under the eyes, the treatment slightly reduced wrinkles in some patients. However, the gel also contained vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as retinol.(108)

Another small clinical trial involving 11 women has been reported. In this study, the participants used eye pads containing 1% vitamin K. After 4 weeks, the pads improved the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. The pads also contained 3% caffeine.(109)

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